Opal Display

The most diverse public exhibit of opals in the world, to our knowledge, will be in San Luis Obispo, California September 1st - January 10th at I love Rocks. Please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested.

This exhibit will contain more types of opal than anything at the Smithsonian or the Museum of Los Angeles. Over 50 varieties of opal will displayed from around the world including Slovakia, Brazil, Canada, Oregon, Arizona, Louisiana and even Mojave, California. The largest opal on display will be a huge 115 carat matrix opal from Andamooka, Australia and a 26 carat Ethiopian opal. Many of the opals on display will be for sale. As the loose opals and opal jewelry sell they will be replaced, which means the exhibit will be constantly changing. If it is highly successful more locations and types may be added to make the exhibit even larger.


This display is no longer open to the general public, however, a short video of the opals in the display can be watched below.  The prices in the video were as labled for retail purposes.  Current pricing for any opals still remaning will be on a case by case basis.


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