Diamond Wrench Wedding Set

Welcome to the Design Graveyard! On display here are designs, which over the years, never had the chance to be crafted. All of these are my own creations. Some were custom commissions, others were my own fanciful drawings. What they all have in common is that none of them have been made to date. I place them here now, on display for your viewing pleasure as both an example of the design work I can do, as well as a gallery of art.

If you see a design that you would like brought to life, please contact me via my contact page. Please reference the design you are interested in and any additional info which I might need such as your preference in metal, gemstones and if you have a budget for the project. I'll always try to respond quickly with suggestions, quotes and any other input that is needed.

Made using 14k white gold and yellow gold for a beautifully contrasting set.  The stones are natural diamonds.  The engagement ring and wedding band are made seporately, but could be soldered together if ever needed.  Materials could also easily be swapped for other metals or gemstones.


A version of this ring was commissioned and crafted and can be seen here: