Double Finger Quadruple Ruby Ring

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Sterling Silver
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SKU: RI859


This new ring is one that I worked on in my free time on and off for about a month. I had several shorter lengths of heavy gauge solid sterling silver wire sitting around and none where quite long enough to make a full ring with, so I decided to create this two fingered ring out of the pieces. Each part was carefully shaped and then soldered together. 4 total pieces. When it was done, the ring said: I need some stones! Rubies matched the theme perfectly.

My more morbid side looked at the finished ring and thought: Looks like blood and nails, quite fitting :) I'm not a particularly Gothic person, but I can appreciate a darker piece of art when I see it.

Both sides are currently a size 7.5, but I can adjust either side up or down about 1 size before I mail this out. Just send me a request when making a purchase. The metal is thick and very stiff, so while the ring shank is open, it is difficult to adjust.

My wife's remarks: "More comfortable than it looks, Makes me feel tough when I try it on. The rubies look better than your pictures."

Yes, that's why I'm a jeweler, not a photographer.

These rubies are all natural stones, each one a beautiful deep reddish purple.

This is a one of a kind ring, ready to ship!

However, I can make similar rings by request.


double finger ring nail gothic sharp wide natural red blood hand made crafted custom multi
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