Sculpted Bronze Hand Ring - With Peridot

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Sterling Silver
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SKU: RI855


I've had this little bronze hand sitting in my desk for years now! Waiting for inspiration to strike. I knew I wanted to do something simple but with a subtle theme. The ring evolved organically as I worked the metal slowly, hammering, forging it into the bent shape you now see. The silver portion was hammer forged from a thick 6mm round silver wire stock. Hammer, anneal, hammer some more, anneal, repeat.

The hand itself is a red-bronze alloy. The shank is solid sterling silver. The stone in the end is a natural 4mm peridot.

The ring does not form a perfect circle on the inside, so after playing with it on my own fingers I determined it is equivalent to a size 7.5 - size 8 depending on how boney your knuckles are. It has a very slight amount of flex but is very stiff. The bronze hand is not connected to the end, but it cannot be adjusted by hand as it has been work hardened.

This is a one of a kind design and is ready to ship.


peridot bronze hand ring mixed metal solid sterling silver unique hand made crafted
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