Years of Memories

This image is a Custom piece designed here at Earth Art Gem and Jewelry. If you are interested in having this piece made for you, or something similar, please use the contact form to send us a message. We usually respond within 24 hours or less!

An old gentleman sat under a tree stirring a stick in the dirt.  The beautiful oak tree came to life and asked the man What's wrong what are you pondering?  The old man longingly said I have told my grandson so many stories and spent so much time with him he asked me to give him something to remember me and my life by.  Something he could pass down to his children someday.  The problem is I just don't know what. 


The wise old oak said I have just the thing for you.  A leaf fell from the tree and landed in the old mans hand.  The leaf slowly fell away leaving a rock with beautiful patterns in it.  The old man shocked and awed managed to whisper What is it? 


The oak laughed What you are holding represents your life.  Each part each segment of life is represented by an individual piece of the pattern.  The dark brown is the ironstone which represents the courage within someone and the tough times overcome.  Each beautiful colored piece symbolizes a segment of your life perhaps that small pink piece is the day you got married and the small opal piece in the left side is the day you born.  Each little line means something different but it takes all of them to complete the picture.  It shows just how many little pieces have made you the person you are today. 


Enchanted by colors and patterns in the rock and the oaks generosity,  the old man smiled Thank you it's perfect.

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