Strength Energy & Elegance

This image is a Custom piece designed here at Earth Art Gem and Jewelry. If you are interested in having this piece made for you, or something similar, please use the contact form to send us a message. We usually respond within 24 hours or less!

In a cottage found miles back in the woods a great wizard created a ring to bring energy and elegance to its owner. A large pot set in the middle of the humble cottage. The wizard waived his arms and made a rod of steel appear in his hands and tossed it in the pot to bring strength to the future rings owner. Next a copper winding from an electric coil to signify energy and silver wings from the most beautiful dragon fly for elegance. Lastly a ball of purplish gray fog. The wizards pet frog commented why the fog? In an all-knowing tone the wizard replied The fog is for the center of the ring. All of the the other items will frame it and show and no matter how foggy things seem sometimes energy elegance and strength will pull you through.

With a loud crackle snack and pop and a puff a smoke this beautiful ring appear floating above the pot. The wizard cast his hand out and the ring disappeared into the forest to be found by its future owner.

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