Dark Souls Chloranthy Ring

This image is a Custom piece designed here at Earth Art Gem and Jewelry. If you are interested in having this piece made for you, or something similar, please use the contact form to send us a message. We usually respond within 24 hours or less!

This was a custom piece which I created for a client. The ring is  based on an image of a ring from the Dark souls series, called the "chloranthy ring".  Feel free to do an internet search for the ring.  He came to me after seeing that while there were several replicas available online, no one had ever really pulled it off using real stones, or precious metal.  The design was very challenging to make, involving 29 overlapping stones which created a technical stone setting nightmare.  But, by using some creativity and clever metalwork, I was able to pull it off in what I think is a very nice finished piece.  This was made in solid sterling Silver with natural peridot.  We went through multiple design iterations involving various numbers of stones of different sizes and cuts before settling on this design which gave us the overall look and size that we wanted.

I also made a short instagram post of the ring in various stages here:


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