Custom Logo & Text Rings

 Your Logo, Your Way, All the way Around

  • Logo and text rings are a great way to tell a story or create a long lasting heirloom piece that will have a sentimental value for years to come.
  • Each ring can be adorned with as many images, text, runes, or any other 2d image and I'll wrap it around a ring!
  • The band itself can be virtually any style, metal, finish, and size. Wider rings do work better for more complex designs as they provide a larger surface area, or canvas if you will, for the artwork to be displayed.
  • Popular designs have included pop culture images, images from games, movies, and books, as well as text, and ancient language rings.
  • Text can be in any language and almost any style or font. Thicker fonts do much better though as they are more sturdy.
  • I can even add gemstones, background coloring or other flourishes to make it personalized to your taste.
  • I Create each ring from scratch, so I am not limited to any specific band style or font.
  • All designs will include a 3d preview of the ring before you pay to ensure that you know what I'll be making before you pay.
  • Prices start at around $150 for a sterling silver ring with a simple design or standard English text.

~To get started, Send me a custom request here~

Example Projects:

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