Hidden Beauty

Piece Infomation
Opal - Australian
Greens, blues and purples
Sterling Silver

This is a one of a kind piece!

It is one of a kind partly because it took so long to make and was such a challenge, that I don't think I'll attempt it again soon. And partly because the opal itself is quite stunning and very unique!

The Necklace features a solid sterling silver rolo chain. The overall length is about 21", including the pendant

It is crafted from solid sterling silver, by hand using traditional techniques, not lost wax casting.

The head is a perfect deep blue flash moonstone. 
The tail feathers feature 5 citrine stones, two amethysts, two peridots and one blue topaz.
The opal is a semi black opal, all solid, (not a doublet or triplet) Natural, from Australia.
There is also a cluster of 14k yellow gold droplets behind the head, like drops of dew in the back

The overall piece is 3" long, so it is quite the piece to behold!

Ready to ship!

By request, I can shorten the chain, or add an extension to accommodate.


Lore and Properties
Legend (see "Legends Collection Information" for details on this section): 

There were two older women that had been friends for years,  Josephine and Annabel.  Josephine still woke up every morning and did her hair and make-up and Annabel had long given up saying there was no use anymore.  She would mumble, "There is no amount of makeup that can cover up these wrinkles and saggy cheeks."  


Josephine and Annabel had a girls day out planned to go to a local farm stand that had a jewelry shop, homemade fudge, ice cream, farm animals fresh fruits and veggies the whole deal.  They both went in and got an ice cream cone and wandered out by the peacock cage.  Josephine wrinkled her noise as one of the peacocks made a terrible noise, "What ugly, loud birds." she commented.  Annabel smiled and said, "Just wait until he opens up his feathers.  Look at how beautiful they are with all of the vibrant blues, greens and purples.  They may be loud and not much to look at at first glimpse, but if you look a little closer you can see all the beauty they have to offer."


After they finished their ice cream they went into to browse the jewelry, all hand made there by a silversmith. Josephine noticed a beautiful peacock broach, snatched it up and went to pay for it while Annabel kept looking.  When the two left the and headed back to the car Josephine grinned and handed Annabel a box, "It isn't perfect, since its hand made there are a lot of blemishes, but like someone once told me, if you can look past that you can see all the beauty it has to offer- just like you.  I want you to wear it, look in the mirror and look past the wrinkles, the saggy cheeks and any other complaints and see all the magnificence you have to offer."  Annabel started to cry when she opened the box to see the beautiful peacock broach.  Annabel managed to whisper, "thank you."

Price: $1,295.00
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