Spring Time Flower with Emerald

Sterling Silver Spring Time Flower with Emerald
Sterling Silver Spring Time Flower ring with EmeraldSterling Silver birthstone Flower ring with Emerald
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Sterling Silver

Made to order, Please select a size before checking out.  Please also allow several weeks for your custom flower ring to be made.

A beautiful flower petal ring, the flower is about 18mm across, and holds a natural 3mm AA Grade Emerald.

The top of the flower petal has been hand detailed with the Sandcastle texture, giving it a soft look and feel

This ring is automatically made with Emerald.  If you would like one custom made with a different stone, please just send me a message with your request.

Lore and Properties


Summer Tea

 One warm summer day, a girl was hard at work pulling weeds in her garden. In just one month it will be time for her move off to college. 

 Her mother strolled out the door with a couple glasses of iced tea, lowered herself onto the porch swing, and hollered, “It’s warm today. Come have a glass of tea with me!” 

 The girl pulled off her gardening gloves, tucking them in her back pocket. She made her way to the porch swing and took a glass of cold tea from her mother.

 Her mother gazed longingly into the garden, “Flowers are amazing things, so many fruits and vegetables start out as flowers, from the largest trees to the tiniest plants.  They come in countless shapes, sizes and colors, and many have special meanings.  In a way, flowers are the essence of life; the beautiful beginnings to food, life and reproduction.”

 She pulled a small brown box from her pocket, breathed deeply and, struggling to hold back the tears, gently placed the small box into her daughter’s hand, “I have something for you.” 

 The girl grasped the small box, opened the lid and gazed inside. Within was a beautiful silver ring with a flower on top.  She was speechless. 

 Her mother pointed to the flower, “The rough times in life are the textured petals and the gemstone in the center represents your essence; your inner traits that will shine out and help you through the rough times in life. When you’re having a rough day, wear your ring and remember the things you’re good at, the things that make you happy and your mothers love.  We are all here for you any time you need us.” 

 With a warm smile and a heartfelt hug the daughter was ready for the adventures that lay ahead.


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