Color Change Garnet ring in 14k white gold

Color Change Garnet 14k white gold wedding Band
Color Change Garnet 14k white gold wedding BandColor Change Garnet 14k white gold anniversary ringhand made anniversary ring color change garnet 14k white gold vintage
Piece Infomation
Garnet - Color Change
Blue to Green to Purple
Cut type: 
Stone Dimensions: 
2mm Rounds, and 2mm x 4mm Marquise
Ring Size: 
White Gold

The marquise stones are all a beautiful slate blue color, while the round stones are all a soft forest green. Color change garnets have a subtle color shift between incandescent light, and sunlight. Similar to Alexandrite.

The ring is crafted from solid 14k white gold, No rhodium plating to wear away, giving it a vintage off-white gold tone.

The ring is a size 6. The round stones are each 2mm, and the marquise stones are 2mm x 4mm.

These stones are hard to come by, so this might be the only one of these that I make.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


PS: If you like the band design, but would like other stones, I'll be happy to make a custom version, just send me a message with your request and I'll give you a quote.

SKU: RI828
Price: $780.00
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