Boulder Opal and Star Diopside

Boulder Opal and Star Diopside
Boulder Opal and Star DiopsideBoulder Opal and Star DiopsideBoulder Opal and Star DiopsideBoulder Opal and Star Diopside
Piece Infomation
Boulder Opal and Star Diopside
Brown, purple and Black
Cut type: 
Free Form
Free Form
Pendant Size: 
3" long
Sterling Silver

This pendant was hand crafted here in our workshop with solid sterling silver.  The setting was then oxidized and polished to give it a "gunmetal" like finish.  The boulder opal was slowly hand cut and polished to show the veins of blue and purple fire running through the stone.  The knobby shape of the boulder opal nugget was left along to showcase its organic shape.

The Black Star Diopside is cut in a oval cabochon and is set in a low bezel.  Depending on the angle of the light, up to two -four pointed stars- can be seen at the same time across the surface of the stone.

This is a one of a kind pendant with one of a kind stones.

Includes the black cord seen in the pictures

Lore and Properties
In a far off land many moons ago lived a young woman that as a girl had been abandoned. She grew up in orphanages and finally at 18 was tossed out in the street to fend for herself. She had no money, nowhere to go and decided to make her way by sneaking into a nearby orchard at night and stealing fruit. During the day she would set-up a little table down town on a corner selling her loot from the fruit she had stole the night before. It didn't make her much money but it made enough for food and water and a jacket. After a couple of months the farmer noticed that there were foot prints into his orchard coming from a dugout under a close by fence. These little dugouts were in each of his orchards. He knew at that moment that someone had been stealing his fruit. Furious he went to find out who it was. He staked out at night waiting for the thief when he saw a young timid girl sneaking under his fence and delicately picking not the best fruit but only stuff off the Ground that was still good. He noticed she was in rags and was dirty and only took a few pieces of fruit. He decided to follow her and see where his fruit was going. He quietly followed a long several yards back not letting he know he was there. She softly crept back to a box in a park area near the town with a blanket inside. He saw she had a little table and a sign that said "fruit for sale" $.25 each. He walked back to his farm pondering what to do with this. He was the owner of the farm and aging, he had no heirs and was the only one running the farm with a few paid workers. he had been looking for someone to train and pass his legacy onto. The next day he went to her stand and asked if she would be interested in working for him, he told her she would work for room, board and a few coins a day. She was so shocked that someone took an interest in her and took him up on his offer immediately. She was following him back to the farm when she realized it was the farm she had been taking the fruit from. She turned to the farmer and apologized for sneaking in and steeling the fruit. She poured out tears stating she never meant to take his fruit from him, but had to live somehow. "I understand if you don't want me to work for you." He politely responded, "I know you were taking fruit that's why I asked you to work for me." She vowed to work hard to pay him back for his generosity. One day he was showing her how to tell what the trees needed in their soil when she noticed a glint of purple and black peak out from under the neckline on his shirt. She asked "what is that?" He said "this is the pendant which has been passed down for generations in my family. He rocked the stone back and forth in his hand; the purple shown through the dark brown matrix almost making a maze like pattern as a star appeared in the dark stone under it - "the purple" he said, is like the maze of life we all follow, ups downs and around, the black stone has a star in it that acts as our north star guiding us through the maze of life, helping my family to make the right turns and choices. She smiled and they continued working. Over the years he taught her everything he could about running the farm and one day at sunset they were both sitting on the front porch, he reached around to the back his neck taking off the pendant he walked around behind her and put it on- its time, this farm is yours and this pendant will guide you on your path.
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