Welcome to Earthart gems and jewelry...
We proudly feature jewelry which is hand made in our small workshop on the Beautiful Central Coast of California.
All of our pieces have been expertly created by our two silversmiths, Shasta Palmer and Austin Moore.
We create the jewelry for the love and enjoyment that the creative process brings us, and we hope that you find our jewelry as intriguing and as beautiful as we do.
Many of our stones are hand picked and have been either dug or mined and then shaped and polished by our own hands.
We strive to offer unique stones and gems that you will not see in most jewelry stores.
Additionally, the items we offer are always unique and always hand made.
We invite you too browse our online store and look for that special piece for you or for someone special.


Fire and Water 14k
Semi black opal in 14k white palladium gold
Price: $1,050.00
Nickel Free Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Sapphire and diamond in 14k white gold - Nickel Free
Price: $1,885.00
Tourmaline, Diamonds and 14k yellow gold
green tourmaline and diamond halo statement ring in 14k yellow gold
Price: $1,850.00
Boulder Turquoise and Pearl- Natures footsteps
Boulder turquoise and pearl pendant
Price: $300.00
Precious Cargo
steampunk paddlewheel boat ring with mixed metal metal design work
Price: $750.00
Spring Emerges - 14k Topaz and Emerald
hand made seasonal pendant represent spring time in 14k gold
Price: $850.00
Crest of Hyrule Band -14k
14k white gold Crest of Hyrule wedding band
Price: $930.00
14k white gold Triforce band
Its Dangerous to go alone wedding band with triforce
Price: $725.00
Zora's Sapphire Pendant
Zoras Sapphire pendant hand made
Price: $150.00
Mens 14k Gold Zelda Wedding Band
Price: $900.00
Chrome Diopside & Sapphire Ring
Chrome Diopside & Sapphire Three Stone ring
Price: $400.00
Red Oregon Sunstone and Ruby in Deox Silver
Red Oregon Sunstone engagement ring
Price: $775.00
14k Zelda Peridot Engagement Ring
Price: $790.00
Tardis Band - Sterling Silver
solid sterling silver Tardis Band
Price: $140.00
Tardis Pendant - Sterling Silver
Solid sterling silver tardis Pendant
Price: $135.00
Diamond Halo Hover Ring in 14k Pink
hand made 14k pink gold diamond halo engagement ring
Price: $1,490.00
Midnight Blue Sapphire Hover Ring - 14k
midnight blue sapphire and black diamond engagement ring in solid 14k white gold
Price: $1,450.00
Levitation Ring - Tanzanite in 14k
hand made tanzanite and Diamond Engagement ring
Price: $1,150.00
Moonlight Opal Pendant
solid opal in a two part pendant
Price: $980.00
Ruby & Diamond Wedding Set in 14k
Ruby and Diamond 14k white gold wedding set
Price: $2,750.00